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UT Bar Rechargeable Disposable (6000 Puffs)


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UTBAR Flavor description
1 Blue Razz Icy Mature blueberry aroma permeates, accompanied by a strong sense of sweet and tart berries.
2 Strawberry Banana Upon tasting, a strong and rich banana flavor emerges, while the exhaled smoke leaves a lingering, fresh and delicate strawberry aroma on the taste buds
3 Super Mint There is a subtle and refreshing mint flavor. In the middle and later stages, there is a profound cooling sensation and a strong throat hit.
4 Sakura Grape Icy Intense grape taste with a hint of cherry blossom juice. Inhalation: strong aroma with evident layers.
5 Peach Mango Watermelon The main fragrance of peach blends harmoniously with ripe mango and watermelon flesh, creating a well-balanced aroma.
6 Triple Berries Icy Blueberry and raspberry as the main notes, complemented by fresh blackberries and mulberries, creating a rich and refreshing taste.
7 Aloe Mango Icy Fresh aloe vera fragrance, with ripe mango and a hint of green mango to bring harmony to the overall aroma.
8 Guava Sunrise Recreates the authentic flavor of pomegranate, with a tangy and sweet aftertaste, colliding with the fresh and juicy taste of citrus
9 Phoenix Sunset A taste of watermelon flesh, with a touch of rind to add refreshing notes to the watermelon flavor. Towards the end, there is a strong bubble gum texture.
10 Cali Blossom The combination of cherries and lemons brings together the sweetness of cherries and the freshness of lemons, complementing each other to provide an excellent taste experience.
11 Mt. Rainier Mixed flavors of blackberries, pomegranate. It delivers a chilling sensation. Perfect for the summer.
12 Black Pink A burst of fruity flavor from the rainbow candy is complemented by the fresh oranges, along with the tanginess of sour lemons.
13 Honey Peach The peach flavor is rich in juicy sweetness, and a hint of lychee added to enhance the aroma.
14 Purple Rain The mix flavor of cranberry, blackberry and blueberry.
15 Strawberry Lemonade The flavor is ripe strawberries with a touch of lemon to enrich the overall juiciness
16 Lone Star Cactus there is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, with a high level of authenticity in reproducing the cactus flavor.
17 Tropical Passion Incorporating the freshness of kiwi with kiwifruit, paired with the sour of passion fruit.
18 Pineapple Coconut The combination mango with refreshing pineapple flavor creates a delightful tropical palette.
19 Lemon Ocean The ripe lemon exudes a refreshing and sweet aroma, with a hint of orange to add juiciness, complemented by green mint to enhance the overall freshness
20 Citurs Cake Fresh and tangy lemon taste with a subtle pastry-like flavor.


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UT Bar Rechargeable Disposable

The new UT Bar design is inspired by Flum Pebble and Flum Float elements.

  • E-liquid contents: 10ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Puffs per Device: +6000
  • Battery: 550mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • Made with Mesh Coil
  • Power Indicator and E-Liquid Indicator
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