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Naked TOBACCO Collection (60ml)


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Naked 100 Tobacco E-liquids Review:

Always an authority on exquisite flavors, Naked 100 Tobacco E-liquids is perfect or vapers who crave pure tobacco flavor. As they do with all their products, Naked 100 has gone above and beyond while developing this unique vape juice collection. The result is highly individual tobacco-based flavor blends that represent the subtle goodness that are unique to different regions in which tobacco is grown. True fans of the taste of tobacco will enjoy comparing all three different vape juice flavors.

Cuban Blend
Cuban Blend gives vape enthusiasts the flavors that they would expect if they were enjoying a high-quality Cuban cigar. This flavor is anything but timid, providing a bold blend of strong tobacco flavor notes. On the inhale, the tongue is hit with the intense taste of Cuban tobacco. On the exhale, the sweetness from the tobacco leaves creeps up, rounding out the flavor perfectly.

American Patriot
American Patriot embodies everything that’s good about American tobacco crops. For those who enjoy the classic and familiar taste of American cigarettes, this vape juice delivers all that and more. On the inhale, pure, unadulterated American tobacco flavor satisfies the taste buds. On the exhale, a surprising burst of caramel bourbon flavor coats the tongue.

Euro Gold
For fans of light cigarettes, Euro Gold delivers a tame yet satisfying level of pure tobacco flavor. Not as strong as the other two vape juice flavors, Euro Gold is perfect for those who love the taste of tobacco with the edge taken off. On the inhale, vape enthusiasts will feel like they’re puffing on their favorite cigarette brand. On the exhale, subtle sweetness will provide balance to this high-quality vape juice flavor.

If you still long for the taste of pure, rich tobacco flavor, Naked 100 Tobacco E-liquids has heard your cries and has delivered a prestigious collection to be enjoyed for hours on end


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