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Yogi Granola Bar Collection (60ml)

Yogi Granola Bar

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Flavor Profile:

  • Apple Cinnamon Yogi: Those taste buds are treated to a smooth and crisp sensation of carefully cooked apples, followed by a comforting rush of warm cinnamon-like splendor that balances out the fruitiness. Then, savory, buttery oats enter the mouth. Pure honey sweetness takes over, making your sweet tooth feel dazzled.
  • Blueberry Yogi: Does your breakfast involve toasted rolled oats, juicy blueberries, and a drizzle of luscious raw honey? If so, Blueberry Granola Bar Ejuice is a sweet and subtle honey granola bar flavor with undertones of juicy blueberries. This extraordinary flavor satisfies your sweet tooth while providing that earthy taste that hits the spot like nothing else. With every inhale, experience a burst of fresh and juicy berries. Then, as you exhale, the sweet and savory granola goodness satisfies the taste buds while a drizzle of raw honey satisfies your sugar cravings.
  • Java Yogi: Breakfast inspired flavor that you’ll find yourself yearning for all day long. A sweet and savory granola bar is drizzled with honey, stuffed with chocolate chips and dipped into smooth, robust coffee. As you inhale, the smooth, rich brew taste washes over the tongue as the savory undertones of granola appears on the plate. Then, you’ll taste a hint of chocolate. With each exhale, a drizzle of honey satisfies your sweet tooth’s cravings instantly.
  • Original Yogi: A few things hit the spot when you’re hungry like a crunchy granola bar that’s sweet and just slightly savory — now you can vape the flavor of this scrumptious treat for hours at a time. Original Granola Bar by Yogi Eliquid is a tasty blend of toasted oats and sugary, smooth honey that’s gonna satisfy your snack cravings instantly. Each inhale provides the taste buds with the yummy taste of oats that have been baked to perfection. Every exhale is like a gooey drizzle of raw honey on the tongue.
  • Peanut Butter Banana Yogi: This is a savory and sweet peanut butter and honey granola bar flavor with undertones of banana. This combination makes for a one-of-a-kind granola bar vaping sensation. When you inhale, that authentic nutty goodness will make your mouth water as it washes over your taste buds. Then, earthy and sweetness undertone will develop on the tongue. As you exhale, a luscious drizzle of sticky and sugary honey will deliver instant satisfaction to your sweet tooth.
  • Strawberry Yogi: A blend of sweet and savory honey granola oats topped with ripe strawberries, creating the perfect fruity all-day-granola bar vape flavor. As you inhale, delightful fruitiness with its tangy and sugary notes will wash over your palate and satisfy your fruit cravings immediately. As you exhale, yummy oats will dazzle the tongue as gooey honey gives the sweet tooth a hug.
  • Vanilla Tobacco Yogi: Take in enough vapor and notice some smooth creaminess immediately, followed by rich, bold tobaccos that’re nutty and smoky beyond words. Next, sweetness and savoriness from toasted oats land of your plate. On the exhale, a drizzle of honey seals the deal.

Nicotine Strength: 03mg 06mg

Size: 60mL


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